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FrequentlyAsked Questions

1 / Help! I’ve lost my dog. What do I do?

Here is some great advice on how to begin.

2 / Do you have adoptable dogs?

Although SDRR generally relies on partner rescues to adopt out the dogs we help, we do occasionally have pets available for adoption. You can view our animals by visiting

3 / I found a dog, what do I do?

Any vet will scan the dog for a microchip for free. If there is no chip, or the owner cannot be easily contacted, please take the dog to the closest shelter of jurisdiction. As pet a pet owner, this is the FIRST place you would be checking, so PLEASE do not rely solely on social media to reunite pets, as so many choose NOT to be a part of social media. You must GO PHYSICALLY AND LOOK. Shelters are too busy taking care of the animals to answer the phone, and really…..only YOU know your pet when you see it. You can also post the dog on various Lost & Found pet pages on Facebook, as well as Nextdoor, the neighborhood social media app. If the animal is wearing a tag with a phone number, consider texting first, as so many do not answer calls from strange numbers.

4 / I need to rehome my dog

This should only EVER be done as a LAST RESORT, when as a RESPONSIBLE pet owner all avenues have been exhausted. If it is simply due to inconvenience, then please consider the commitment you would have and should have made at the time you made them a family member.

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