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Our Mission

SDRR is commited to tracking, trapping, and reuniting lost dogs, finding homes for long time strays, and helping all the dogs in between. We don’t want to have to say no when we are asked for help. For that to happen we need donors, fosters, and someday a small facility that is a SAFE and clean place for dogs to go.  We will not stop until we can stop telling people (and dogs of course!) that we cannot help them.  One by one until there are NONE!  We are an approved 501c3 non-profit with the IRS.


Get to Know Mitzi

Ironically enough, Mitzi was not allowed pets growing up. (Other than an "outside cat"), but was always drawn to dogs. Especially when she realized dogs are far better than people will ever be.


Mitzi recalls a time 5 years ago when there was a dog by her work, and in their naïveté, her and her colleagues thought it would be a quick and easy rescue. Turns out it wasn’t, but this didn’t discourage them from rescuing the dog after 4 long months. Her determination and care for this dog made her realize she had a passion for animals and it led to her seeing where her path in life would begin to lead her. Thus, Street Dog Rescue & Recovery was born. Mitzi rescued for about 2 years before gaining the non-profit status for the rescue.

In her spare time you can find Mitzi catching up on Saturday Night Live and rewatching the office with her husband. (She really does devote most of her time to the rescue).

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